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"Our goal is to be the most caring, informative, loyal, and dedicated home buyers in Michigan. As a homeowner, you and your concerns always come first, ahead of our own in every single transaction. We provide homeowners with creative options when selling their home and go out of our way to make sure it works for them. We are dedicated to the development of our communities and cities and want to make a lasting change in Michigan. Our approach ensures trust, and transparency. Those will be the reasons you will want to sell your home with us again and again and again!"

Ryann Brier Realtor Grand Rapids Michigan Ryann Brier Realtor Grand Rapids Michigan Ryann Brier Realtor Grand Rapids Michigan
Ryan Brier City Lights Rentals

Ryann Brier and the Lake Life

Ryann started out young and quickly fell in love with two cities: Grand Rapids, and Muskegon! We come from a humble background in business. We are detail oriented, enjoy learning about Real Estate, and we will always try to create a Win-Win-Win situation. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Ryann is especially great when it comes to waterfront properties, always doing her due diligence and calling the county to verify records and having the most up to date information.

Ryann Brier & City Lights Rentals our separate entities, Ryann is a licensed Real Estate Agent with United Realty in Grand Rapids, MI (Broker Address: 1348 Front Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504). Caleb Is just a Real Estate Investor and is not required by law to hold a license to buy real estate for his personal use.

The two companies partner together and using preferred Agent, Ryann Brier. To help people who want to Sell or Buy a home. Ryann excels in helping people who'd like to purchase a home! She specializes in both Single-Family Homes and Multi-family Portfolios. If you are interested in purchasing a home or selling your home on market with Ryann, Contact Her at [email protected]

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